Our Capabilities

Software Engineering, DevSecOps, & Cloud

Enhancing Readiness

Global threats are continually evolving, and ongoing innovation is needed to meet critical national security requirements. Using traditional methods of building, delivering, and maintaining warfighting capabilities is too slow and too expensive, failing to keep pace with changing threats. VTG is sharpening our military and national security customers’ readiness to meet the next challenge by delivering the software engineering, agile development, DevSecOps, and cloud solutions they need to dominate the battlespace. At VTG, we’re transforming our customers’ policies and practices so they can use these emerging capabilities across their entire enterprise—enabling both the technological and organizational culture changes necessary for continuous integration and continuous deployment. When it comes to deploying agile, DevSecOps, and cloud in the defense and intel arenas, we’re the pioneers—blazing new trails and guiding our customers’ entry into this new world with speed and precision.

High Velocity Development

Our agile software development approach is tailored to your mission and designed to increase usability, scalability, and adoption. Our process starts with the customer we serve and ends with a bespoke solution for their exact mission needs. With user-driven designs that ensure products meet the mission, we reduce future development costs while simultaneously increasing user adoption and satisfaction. VTG thrives on the collaboration of our user experience designers, requirements engineers, and systems engineers. These agile teams ensure that projects not only meet the technical demands of the enterprise but also the intricate and nuanced demands of specific users. Our team’s practices are Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3 validated, demonstrating our commitment to process improvement and risk reduction.


When it comes to DevSecOps, we’re early adopters with demonstrated experience applying this critical capability to defense and intelligence community missions. Our purpose-built DevSecOps solutions integrate software development, cybersecurity, and operations from end-to-end to deliver highly secure solutions aligned with mission objectives. We collaborate with our customers to build capabilities that respond quickly to new requirements, shorten release cycles, and reduce costs with security baked-in from the start. At the core of our agile development environment is our DevSecOps software factory. This continuous integration and delivery environment enables us to build and test security and functional capabilities simultaneously. As a result, we can rapidly put security-tested applications into the hands of the warfighter, knowing they meet authorization-to-operate requirements and rapidly deliver strategic advantage.

How We Do It
  • DevSecOps Transformation
  • Networks, Data Architecture, Tools, and Analytics
  • Cloud Services
  • Software as a Service
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Model-Based Systems Engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


The power of cloud computing is the enabler of the modern warfighter—delivering real-time access to vital information at the tactical edge. VTG delivers cloud capabilities that range from cloud migration and secure integration to leading edge infrastructure as code development. Because cloud is a fluidly programmable resource, many of the capabilities that used to be device-driven can now be built, deployed, and managed as code within a single source repository. By creating an integrated, flexible, and secure cloud environment, we can help our customers boost performance, create efficiencies, and enhance resiliency like never before.

Case Study

Securing the Cloud

Recently, the DoD Environment, Safety and Occupational Health Network and Information Exchange (DENIX) was able to accelerate its digital transformation through timely, cost-effective, and secure cloud deployment facilitated by DoD Cloud Infrastructure as Code for AWS. Since 2009, VTG has worked closely with this early-adopter customer to pioneer technical approaches to cloud services delivery that became the foundation for the secure cloud computing architecture. We delivered infrastructure engineering, comparative evaluation of cloud services capabilities, prototyping, testing, network traffic analysis, and an evaluation of cloud service provider network security capabilities. VTG now leads transformative DevSecOps software engineering initiatives for DENIX’s Infrastructure as Code project to become the first government organization to deploy an Amazon-compliant architecture for serverless Kubernetes clusters that provide a secure platform on which to create and run applications. The entirety of the environment is built, deployed, managed, and configuration-controlled as code.