Our Solutions

Transformation In Space

Actionable Intelligence

At VTG, we’re keeping our clients ahead of emerging threats in the increasingly crowded battlefield in space. With transformative solutions from the ground station to the outer reaches of space and from concept development to operational solutions, VTG applies mission experience, lean processes, and diverse know-how to win in this contested environment. In space, speed to deliver secure solutions is more critical than ever before. VTG is leading the way with agile development, model-based systems engineering, AI/ML, data services, and cloud solutions. We bring the depth and breadth of experience in space systems to enable agencies to shorten timelines, increase flexibility in the field, enable defensive measures, and deliver incremental capabilities faster than ever before.

Space Protection, Autonomy, and Resiliency

Space-oriented missions require resilient solutions with autonomous capabilities to protect against emerging natural and man-made threats. VTG is providing engineering support to manage the growing risks in space, including solutions that protect against space debris, already deployed operational systems, and cyber-, jamming-, orbital-, and directed-energy threats created to disrupt or destroy our space systems. Current and future missions demand intelligence for operations at the edge, and we utilize our expertise with sensors, data, and AI to provide our customers with automated solutions that downlink and analyze data for real-time tactical response. There are many threats to space systems and their associated ground capabilities that require resilient solutions. VTG leverages our knowledge and experience of ground and sensor systems to engineer hardened solutions in these compromised environments. VTG also provides our customers with technical solutions resilient to cyber attacks with redundant and self-healing services to account for natural disasters, equipment failure, or vulnerabilities.

Ground System Solutions

VTG provides our clients with acquisition services, systems engineering, test, and integration of solutions for space and ground systems. From specific subsystems to enterprise-level constellations, we apply model-based systems engineering processes and space system architecture expertise to solve today’s most pressing mission challenges. VTG experts work on sophisticated ground systems and solutions, including intelligence platforms and sensors, command and control systems for tipping and queuing, and hyperspectral imaging capabilities. VTG provides skilled analysts who apply the latest exploitation and AI technologies and techniques to deliver advanced analytics for defense and intelligence community space missions.

Sensor Solutions

Unlike our smaller and larger competitors, VTG brings the optimum blend of agility and space sensor solution expertise and experience, including GEOINT and SIGINT. We provide turnkey digital engineering services and modern software development solutions through agile processes and continuous integration and delivery methodologies. In a zero-risk environment, we have the trusted experts with the technical skillsets to accelerate delivery of capability for mission success. Tomorrow’s wars might be fought with ships, planes, and tanks, but we will rely on ubiquitous access to sensor data and the application of advanced analytics to win those fights. To meet the future today, VTG delivers next-generation engineering and IT solutions, including custom applications—with embedded cybersecurity, and AI/ML algorithms to rapidly process vast amounts of sensor data and arm decision makers with actionable intelligence.         

Case Study

Perfecting the Process

VTG was approached by a government customer struggling to incrementally deliver space and ground capabilities through the application of traditional engineering processes. In support of a multibillion-dollar enterprise, VTG deployed engineering and agile coaches with space systems subject matter experts to redesign all applicable engineering and delivery processes to guide mission-critical projects through implementation. Unlike typical process development and approval cycles, which often take years, VTG delivered updated versions of all systems engineering and test management plans in less than six months. VTG added training and individualized custom project plans with onsite coaching to ensure a successful transition to a model-based systems engineering approach.