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Digital Transformation

Advantage Delivered

Bridging the air, sea, land, and cyber domains, VTG’s transformative digital solutions advance information superiority and simplify cybersecure information sharing. By implementing emerging approaches—such as model-based systems engineering, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence—and enabling practices like DevSecOps and machine learning technologies, we ensure that U.S. forces always have the strategic advantage.

We support digital transformation in three distinct areas: warfighting systems, defense business systems, and readiness. Our holistic solutions span network, infrastructure, data, analytics, tools, and training. Beyond technology, we also address the cultural change required for transformation success. By creating an agile, interoperable, adaptive, and secure digital environment, we improve performance, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

Digital Modernization

Our innovative digital modernization solutions are fundamentally transforming the delivery of warfighting capabilities and critical mission data. As a result, it’s possible to field new capabilities faster, increase interoperability, and reduce cybersecurity risks. By leveraging the latest digital technologies and tools, we can achieve speed to capability by delivering high-quality, highly secure products across warfighting domains. Furthermore, we’ve been able to increase capabilities while dramatically decreasing infrastructure and costs.


Our cybersecurity professionals are trusted partners and advisors to the U.S. Cyber Command, the Navy, the Army, and the Defense Information Systems Agency. At VTG, we don’t look at cybersecurity as an end state, but rather as an all-inclusive part of the lifecycle process. Whether we’re developing DevSecOps security-first systems, reengineering networked warfighting capabilities to protect systems from attack, or modernizing infrastructure to decrease or eliminate attackable surfaces, cybersecurity is in our DNA.

The Cloud

VTG is helping unleash the potential of the cloud to create a unique, innovative, and sustainable competitive advantage. From cloud migration and secure integration to cloud-native development, we help deliver cloud capabilities in alignment with mission requirements. A pioneer in Department of Defense (DoD) cloud transformation, we implemented the first DoD operational enterprise system at DISA Cloud Security Requirements Guide Impact Level 4 on the Amazon GovCloud, generating significant cost savings while radically enhancing capabilities for our clients.

Case Study

Going Digital

The mission of the Navy Digital Warfare Office (DWO) is to improve Navy capability through the use of data, analytics, and systems integration. As part of this wide-ranging initiative, DWO is working on an operational plan to transform the way the Navy moves and shares data. This digital transformation will accelerate and improve the Navy’s ability to deliver better outcomes in warfighting, readiness, and speed to capability.

VTG is supporting DWO and its digital warfighting transformation by providing acquisition and systems engineering services that will lead to more agile, flexible, and composable capabilities. We are developing architectures that will form the foundation of the operational environment (where the warfighter fights) and development environment (where tools and services are developed). In addition, we also support the Naval Tactical Grid Exercise, which provides the operational context to integrate, consolidate, and rapidly deploy digital capabilities.