Our Solutions

Transformation at Sea

Mission Forward

VTG is transforming the Nation’s sea power by delivering next-generation warfighting capabilities to confront next-generation threats. Drawing upon our 150-plus-year legacy supporting the U.S. Navy and our allied partners around the globe, we provide full lifecycle engineering, program management, and technical services across a comprehensive range of surface and undersea platforms and a wide array of systems, including C5ISR, weapons, control, and HM&E systems.

As a critical partner to the Navy, VTG delivers the diverse array of solutions needed for distributed maritime operations. Our clients leverage our top engineering and technical talent to rapidly deliver transformative capabilities and technologies to the Fleet. With a record of exceptional quality and uncompromising safety, a penchant for applying mission innovations, and consistently delivering on time and on budget, VTG ensures that our Sailors gain a competitive advantage over near-peer adversaries now and in the future.

C5ISR Solutions

We help the Navy field integrated and interoperable C5ISR systems that defend against air, surface, and subsurface threats and project lethal power. Our work spans the entire C5ISR lifecycle—from requirements definition, systems engineering, acquisition, test and evaluation, and certification support to shipboard installation of the latest systems. We leverage existing and future combat system architectures to support hardware/software development and integration, and new concept demonstration. Whether inserting technology into existing platforms, engineering near-term new baseline capabilities, or supporting model-based systems engineering for advanced combat systems, VTG ensures that our Navy customers have the distributed warfighting capabilities needed to outpace peer competitors and maintain overmatch at sea.

Fleet Modernization

VTG has installed and integrated combat, weapon, and C4ISR systems aboard every existing class of warship and submarine. We lead the industry in the shipboard installation of emerging technologies that include directed energy laser weapons, next generation radars, and electronic warfare defensive suites. Our deckplate innovations and engineering expertise are vital to helping the Navy maintain and modernize the Fleet and increase warfighting capability. Our portfolio of fleet modernization resources includes alteration installation teams (AIT), in-service engineering, survivability and lethality upgrades, integrative warfare systems, and robust in-house capabilities such as Rapid Prototyping and Fabrication.

Ship Design and Sustainment

VTG provides a broad range of design, delivery, and sustainment services for Navy shipbuilding programs. From new technology development  to cybersecurity engineering, logistics planning from the strategic front to the tactical edge, or post-delivery test and trials, with an underpinning of innovative acquisition planning, VTG plays an essential role in delivering tomorrow’s Fleet. We are also at the forefront of reimagining future combatant ships. Our innovative “Double Helix” concept-to-prototype experimentation process rapidly converges on optimum technical solutions informed by operator input, and our groundbreaking work on flexible ship design will increase affordable warfighting relevance over a ship’s service life.

Undersea Warfare

VTG is a pioneer in undersea warfare and an industry leader in submarine combat and SONAR systems. Our innovative engineers, software developers, and data scientists are transforming the Submarine Warfare Federated Tactical System (SWFTS) to enable flexible access to  AI/ML tools in a cloud-based environment, e and our suite of acoustic and signal processing tools is modernizing submarine SONAR array analysis. Adept at the rapid prototyping of undersea technologies, VTG has developed a battery management system for lithium-ion powered platforms and fielded an integrated control system for combat submersibles. The Navy counts on VTG’s transformational solutions and emerging technologies to level up its undersea warfare capacity and build the foundations of a dispersed and networked fleet architecture.

Unmanned Solutions

Unmanned missions can change at a moment’s notice, requiring rapid, dynamic, and unplanned sharing of battlefield resources in real-time. VTG is developing an integrated naval operating architecture that enables multi-nationality, multi-domain, large-scale unmanned systems (UxS) operations. With these capabilities, UxS operators can immediately authorize the transfer of tactical control of platforms, payloads, and data across all U.S. forces and allied partners around the globe. We are designing transformational systems and human-machine interaction approaches that allow use of AI/ML decision systems and deliver situational awareness at the tactical edge.


To maximize deterrence, the Navy is prioritizing the development and fielding of long-range precision fires, from subsonic weapons to a hypersonic strike capability. VTG is the Navy’s engineering partner-of-choice, providing the Navy’s Conventional Prompt Strike (CPS) hypersonic weapons program with program management, stakeholder integration, systems engineering, test planning, and test and evaluation services. But to overmatch 21st century threats and address warfighting asymmetry, the Navy must also accelerate the development of new defensive technologies, from maneuverable interceptor missiles to directed energy weapons. We are installing and integrating the latest laser technologies aboard the Navy’s operational surface combatants, increasing the survivability of today’s Fleet. VTG is a thought leader in the Navy’s effort to establish tactical, technical, and business concepts of operation for the ships and submarines of the future fleet.

Case Study

Dazzling Deployment

VTG is leading the onboard installation and integration of the Navy’s most successful rapid prototyped directed energy laser weapon, the Optical Dazzling Interdictor, Navy (ODIN). Designed to counter the threat of unmanned aerial systems, the ODIN laser weapon system promises to fundamentally change how the Navy responds to a variety of threats at sea.

VTG is playing a central role in the rapid deployment of this important new capability. We are working with the customer to engineer the most efficient and cost-effective installation of this new C5ISR system on Navy surface ships. This includes the installation and integration of the weapon system, ancillary equipment, piping, and power. Lessons learned by our team on this program are informing efforts for the Surface Navy Laser Weapon System (SNLWS) Increment 1, also known as the High-Energy Laser with Integrated Optical Dazzler and Surveillance (HELIOS).