Our Capabilities

Logistics, Sustainment, & Training

Maximizing Mission Readiness

We provide integrated logistics support (ILS), sustainment, and training services for the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps. For more than 30 years, our team of specialists has implemented solutions that improve lifecycle efficiencies, reduce risk, lower costs, and increase operational availability. Our decades of experience provide a long-term perspective and specialized corporate knowledge that is invaluable in meeting mission readiness needs.

Our proprietary best-practice-based ILS implementation methodology is integral to delivering on-target and efficient logistics support services. By combining this proven set of processes, tools, and techniques with our specialized experience in rotary flight, fixed-wing, and unmanned aerial vehicles, we can deliver continuous process improvement based on actual data and verifiable trends. We also offer training services that range from courseware development to hands-on training delivered worldwide.

How We Do It
  • Process Analysis
  • Courseware Development
  • Training
  • Field Support
  • Readiness Planning
  • Logistics Engineering
  • Artesian Support Personnel

Harvesting Spare Parts

VTG supports a Navy program that reclaims, demilitarizes, and disposes of stricken aircraft. A vital part of what we do is recover, remediate, and repair weapons, assemblies, and other components from aircraft awaiting disposal. The reutilization of these aircraft parts—especially those in short supply or having long procurement times—not only reduces costs but improves readiness by shortening supply chain response time.

Case Study

Answering the Bell

Unlike any other aircraft in the world, the versatile V-22 Osprey uses tiltrotor technology to combine the vertical performance of a helicopter and the speed and range of a fixed-wing aircraft. A stalwart for Marine Corps in-theater operations, the Osprey also supports challenging Air Force and Navy missions. Since mission success begins with availability, the V-22 Joint Program Office (JPO) needed to increase readiness rates and reduce sustainment costs as the program transitions from production to sustainment.

VTG is helping implement a readiness initiative to provide real-time fleet support for maintenance and supply leveraging the Comprehensive Automated Maintenance Environment Optimized (CAMEO) system. CAMEO provides an adaptable joint service capability that supports continuous integration and automation of operational, maintenance, and logistical processes to improve readiness. Working with the V-22 JPO, our analysts establish the proper levels of sustainment requirements for all integrated product support elements. In addition, our financial analysts are restructuring sustainment requirements and providing the justifications needed for the appropriate levels of financial resource support as the V-22 transitions to full sustainment.