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Transformation in the Intelligence Community

Driving Smart Change


VTG is a leader in delivering innovative technologies, digital solutions, and specialized mission support to the U.S. Intelligence Community. Our cadre of intelligence experts couple mission knowledge with technological advancement to engineer systems, software, and digital solutions across multiple high-priority national security mission areas. We take pride in our ability to integrate technology for improved intelligence production and analysis, enhanced situational awareness, and accelerated decision making–boosting overall mission effectiveness.

At VTG, we’re not IT or management consultants. We’re change agents with the necessary recent and relevant mission experience to implement transformational and enduring technology-based solutions in partnership with our customers. We help our customers leverage agile development and cloud-based technologies for advanced analytical solutions that arm analysts with mission intelligence in time to act. We harness the power of high-performance computing and AI/ML to yield predictive data analysis and develop actionable insights. We also streamline front office operations, and business, financial, and process support functions, including assisting intelligence organizations in their shift towards Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) to enhance organizational effectiveness.  

Intelligence Planning & Collection

VTG helps the intelligence community plan, execute, and streamline intelligence operations. Our embedded resources provide operational planning support and engineering services that, when expertly applied, act as a force multiplier. Our digital and software engineering teams focus on design, integration, and advanced analytics for the planning and collection of intelligence. We operate and manage automated platforms to compile full-motion video, electro-optical imagery, Electronic Intelligence (ELINT), Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), and Communications Intelligence (COMINT) to enable missions worldwide. Our intelligence professionals deliver domain specific expertise (SIGINT, HUMINT, OSINT, CI, and CT) to customers across the intelligence, defense, and federal law enforcement communities. We apply advanced understanding of each INT to further plan and facilitate intelligence missions.

Intelligence Processing & Analysis

We provide our customers with data and intelligence analysts, desk officers, reports writers, and targeters who possess the right expertise, education, and security clearances. Our customers have come to rely on us for the quick response needed to support time-sensitive missions driven by world events. Our advanced analytic methods and tools focus on projecting future trends, events, and behaviors—which enables the intelligence community to implement statistical models and mine data for valuable insights. The smart insertion of technology enables customers and analysts alike to focus on work that is higher density and more impactful to the mission.

Intelligence Dissemination & Sharing

VTG develops strategies, applications, and support for knowledge products within the larger national security community to improve overall information sharing and mission effectiveness. We understand the critical importance and the unique challenges of data sharing to the intelligence community. Our experts have dedicated their careers to solving information sharing challenges through the implementation of cross-domain solutions that enable collaboration with law enforcement and international partners.

Screening & Vetting

VTG is a leader in screening, vetting, and identity intelligence (I2). Our engineers and analysts are mission partners, essential to countering the threats to our homeland and advance intelligence operations abroad. Now more than ever, national security organizations recognize the power of I2 for screening, vetting, authentication, and identification. We help our customers increase their capabilities to automate analysis of personal information, including biometric and forensic data, to identify intelligence targets of interest and deny them anonymity.

Case Study

Bridging the Gap

Intelligence analysis and the ability to develop technology-based solutions for national security missions are skills not normally taught or trained in schools. To develop the required intelligence-focused skill sets, VTG partners with academia through a Student-to-Analyst Transition initiative that grows the pool of talent required to support the national security community. By preparing candidates with skills that add value to our customers’ intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions, VTG’s young professionals are an immediate value-add to critical national security challenges directly out of school.