Our Capabilities

Digital Engineering & MBSE

Unleashing Innovation


In today’s technology-driven battle space, speed is everything. Missions change at a moment’s notice. Software cycle times are counted in days, not years. Adversaries are investing heavily in AI/ML and ever-changing methods of attack. Traditional, document-based systems engineering and silos of superiority are no longer adequate. Now more than ever, it’s imperative for the U.S. military and intelligence communities to maintain a competitive advantage by leveraging digital transformation and enterprise-wide technology integration across a vast array of disparate systems. VTG is leading our customers’ priority programs and creating enduring warfighting advantages through digital engineering and model-based systems engineering (MBSE) practices and processes. While building the future force, we’re also ensuring our mission stakeholders realize significant benefits from data sharing, integration, agile iteration, traceability, resiliency, and modern software architectures. Our platform-agnostic digital engineering and MBSE solutions reduce the time, cost, and risk required to develop, deliver, and sustain systems while ensuring speed, security, and interoperability across all domains.

A Timely Imperative

Digital engineering is the key to transforming document-centric systems engineering approaches into interoperable digital environments that improve timely delivery of warfighter capabilities across all stages of the development lifecycle. VTG uses Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) tool sets for Collaborative Lifecycle Management and Engineering Lifecycle Management. As a result, we’re able to create a single, authoritative knowledge source—where various data sources can be traced, linked, and integrated to form a sustainable and fully digitized system view. At VTG, we’re not just executing digital transformations at the enterprise level, we’re working side-by-side with our customers in the field, leveraging the opportunities of digital engineering to create new operational efficiencies and accelerate decision-making speed.

How We Do It
  • Model-Based Systems Engineering
  • Networks, Data Architecture, Tools, and Analytics
  • DevSecOps Transformation
  • Cloud Services
  • Software as a Service
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Paradigm Shift

VTG is guiding our customers to adopt and embrace a new digital engineering culture that uses digital models to assess requirements and design, develop, test, field, and sustain systems across the lifecycle. The MBSE methodology uses digital models to simplify the design and engineering of the highly complex warfighter enterprise. By modeling and validating hardware, capabilities, and interactions among diverse systems in a virtual environment, our customers can rapidly test innovative concepts and conduct analysis of alternatives (AOA) in real time to ensure that critical capabilities work on day one in tactical environments.

MBSE also helps mitigate security risks at the earliest stages of development with threat modeling and avoidance strategies built in and tested from the ground up. In the VTG Battle Lab, we’re leveraging the latest and most intuitive MBSE tools—like CAMEO Systems Modeler, CORE, and Rhapsody—that run the gamut for system visualization from lightweight modeling through to full parametric testing.

Case Study

Swift and Seamless

VTG is aligning technology development with Naval Sea Systems Command priorities by implementing new capabilities using advanced digital engineering and MBSE approaches that allow greater flexibility and rapid updates to DevSecOps deployments. Through the Seamless SWFTS Re-Architecture (SSRA) program, we’ve created and are implementing an effective digital deployment environment for modeling, fielding, testing, and evaluating AI/ML solutions in tactically relevant environments. In another scenario, NAVSEA needed a solution to perform hardware updates on tight timelines. VTG is providing a platform-specific configuration management approach that uses MBSE to enable the customer’s IT environment to implement hardware updates within the required timeframe. The model maintains the configuration and generates the platform specification for the system to identify, build, and deploy necessary assets. Using Infrastructure as Code principles to automate the process, VTG’s solution is improving timeliness and efficiency, and reducing errors over manual generation.